21 Photography Tips for Fun & Creative Family Portrait Photography Ideas!

Family pictures are something we can get really creative with before we even book a family portrait session and print hundreds of family photos.

Are you planning on taking family pictures for someone? Or looking for ideas before taking your own family portraits?

There are so many ways to take a unique photo. It pays off to consider new ideas outside the run of the mill family pictures we see.

…and if these are photos you want to hang on your wall or print on your next Christmas cards, why not ALSO make it a memorable image.

This year my family chose to do something out of the ordinary.

I took shots of all 7 members of my family, separately, in the backyard my parents raised us in.

Once I finally put the self timer on and get a shot of myself, I plan to superimpose ALL of us into the backyard, as if we all took the picture in one sitting.

Every member of my family has different schedules.

School, work, conferences…

There’s always something going on.

So I was excited to edit these family photos and make a beautiful family portrait that my family can treasure and hang up in their homes.

Here’s the final product ūüôā

I hope it sparks off more fun and creative ideas for your own family pictures.

Cheri Amour Photography


Whether you’re the photographer, someone getting their family pictures taken, or BOTH…

Here Are 21 Fun Ideas For Creative Family Photos!

Family Pictures: Idea #1

(Create Intrigue)

In case you or your little one are shy, too young to even know what’s going on or you want to create a story…

NOT smiling directly in the camera or looking at the camera at all, can be interesting, mysterious and instantly spark a story in the viewers eyes.

Having natural conversation and settling into the shooting environment with your family will help evoke fluid movement for fun and inviting looking pictures.

As the shoot progresses, everyone will start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and abstract ideas may also come to life!

family pictures


Fun Family Photo Shoot Ideas: #2

(Family Photos During The Magic Hours)

Family pictures can always be made into a fun and artistic event! Who says you should only have a group family portrait?

Why not mix up the types of images you take?

One fun idea is to think about the time of day, as well as the natural frame you can crop your family in, that can perfectly direct the eye to the most important subjects.

The color of the sky at sunrise and sunset can be the most beautiful times of the day.

Consider the natural resources around you when thinking about your next family photos. It’ll be worth the egg hunt!



Family Photos: Idea #3

(A Family Portrait In Action)

Sometimes the BEST family photos are the ones that are NOT posed. When you catch your family in their element, it can turn into a family portrait that is priceless.

Imagine getting the best family pictures from your family portrait session and having dozes to choose from, to enlarge and frame and selectively place them on the walls in your home, that tell a unique and insightful story.

I mean… you can’t beat turning your walls into it’s very own art gallery. Each image taken, can be one that your family enjoys and turns into a conversation piece.

Although candid pictures can be fun, it can also have it’s planning involved.

For instance, if you know that your daughters play in your garden every Saturday morning, you can sneak in and capture that weekend adventure!


Family Portrait: Idea #4

(Let’s Get Personal)

Close and personal.

Zooming in on your subjects can make for a beautiful family portrait.

When your child grows up, they can have a sweet memory of Daddy or Mommy rocking them to sleep.

We renew our energy in our sleep.

We dream in our sleep.

Why not an image of this everyday occurrence in some creative way? Try different angles, try different lenses and try different times of day.


Family Pictures: Idea #5

(Take Advantage of Shapes and Light)

Silhouettes can be the perfect idea for your next family pictures.

Combining color, with the outline of your bodies along with a fun pose, can look like a work of art!

Before the shoot, try practicing shadow puppets and see what shapes and color your hands alone, can produce.

…then try it in real life by snapping some pictures.

The ideas you come up with will evolve during the shoot, so have fun and play around with it!

family pictures


Family Photos: Idea #6

(Capture The Details)

Use your hands and feet to get the emotion of love across, in your family photos.

The detail you see when you zoom in on the regular parts of yourself, become ten times more interesting when you see all the interesting textures and colors.

You love your family, so any picture you take that involves different aspects of each other, is a great idea to AT LEAST test out.

Look for props and things you either value or use regularly.

It will add another element to the story and remind you of the meaning of the picture, years later, when you go back to look at it.


Family Portrait: Idea #7

(Use Bold, Contrasting Colors)

Black and white photography can be VERY powerful and beautiful.

Stripping the color from an image, forces your mind to think and see other things they would not have, had color been a part of the image.

Black and white images are timeless, carry a voice of nostalgia and look like artwork when the right balance of black and white colors are used.

Make sure to get a few face shots, but definitely get creative and point that lens in many different scenarios, creating more stories behind the photo!

Fun Family Portrait Ideas: #8
(Show Emotion & Love)

Going out for pizza, visiting family, movie night…

There are so many ways we spend time with our family. Our time together can easily be captured in a picture.

Make sure some of your family photos capture your family in the heart of the moment, having fun with each other.

Nothing makes you smile more, than seeing someone else smiling.

….and¬†pictures of families having fun, is a great way to start off each day.

Just like laughing and sneezing can be contagious…

Smiles are contagious too!

Looking back at a family portrait when you were all enjoying each others’ company, is a great way to hold on to that memory and continue reliving the moment.


Family Pictures: Idea #9

(Creatively Use Color)

If you’re struggling with coming up with¬†cool family portrait ideas, here’s a very simple one to try:

Use color in your family portrait for a sense of energy, healthiness and life! I love seeing joyous family photos.

Adding vibrant colors, whether it’s in your clothes, props or the environment around you, can help give that POP to your family pictures.

Remember when I mentioned going on an egg hunt to find the perfect location? This hunt applies to every aspect of your family portrait.

From what you where to the several colors you may be surrounded by, you can create family photos that have a beautiful color palette.

It all counts and helps make a great final picture.young-photopreneur-family-pictures-16b-web

Family Picture Ideas: #10

(Find a Unique Location)

Do you have hidden spots in your backyard or in your neighborhood?

My Dad grew up in Laguna Beach, California.

My Auntie tells me stories about the private cove they used to play at every summer, while my grandpa ran the gas station he owned, not far from them.

How fun to know about a secret entry into the beach, that few people were aware of.

Must have been a treat!

…and a great idea for family photos.

Take pictures where most people wouldn’t have access to, or think to take a picture around.

Maybe a special room in your home?

A treehouse built when your children were younger?

Or a landmark you’re all familiar with and have family memories at?

Take the time to jot down a few ideas. Just make sure to consider the right time of day for the perfect shot!


Family Photos: Idea #11

(Invite Your Fuzzy Friends)

We can’t forget the extension of our families… Our pets!

They bring so much life to your home, that they should have the invitation of bringing life into your family photos as well!

Outdoors, indoors… Wherever you choose to bring along your sidekick, TYPICALLY, I’ve never seen a pet take a bad picture.

Just like kids.

It’s hard to NOT like a child’s picture, no matter how restless they may get.

Pets can be just as fun to work with, because if you get them excited, they almost take on a “top model” mentality.


Family Portrait: Idea #12

(Special Occasions)

Holidays and special events are ALWAYS memorable and a time when we’re around our families.

What a perfect time to hire a photographer to get that “once in a moment” family portrait.

Having a professional around during these times in our lives may be more beneficial than planning a specific day for family pictures.

Creativity can’t always be prescribed.

So try to always have a camera around, for those times when the family is near, even those relaxing Sunday afternoons.

You never know when the perfect picture scenario will present itself.



Creative Family Picture Ideas: Idea #13

(Capture Your Culture and Beliefs)

Is your family heavily invested into knowledge?

Maybe you’re a very spiritual family?

Or a traditional family?

Incorporate things in your family photos that speak the voice of your family culture.

A reminder of who you are and what you believe in, captured in an image, can be a great way to preserve your family legacy.

Think about the things you do together and any symbols around the house that represent who you are and how you want the future generations to remember you.



Family Portraits: Idea #14

(Discover a Cool Backdrop)

You can NEVER go wrong with cityscapes.

The illuminating colors from the buildings at night or the simple geometrical shapes that are easily recognizable at any time of day are always eye candy and a familiar backdrop most people can relate to.

Family Portrait Photographer Michele Celentano shares a few location ideas in the free lessons she gives away, from her family portrait, online course.

Drive around for beautiful locations you can have your pictures taken.

It may be your beautiful home, the historical local mom and pop restaurant or just an open area where the setting of the sun would look gorgeous behind your family.

No matter where you live, I’m confident you can use this idea to find ANY backdrop as exciting or interesting to look at, as a cityscape.


Family Pictures: Idea #15

(In The Distance)

Use a long lens. Have your photographer step back and give everyone room to breath.

Shooting with things to cover your body can be a creative use of space.

If Mom doesn’t want to show her whole body or Dad wants to hide his skinny ankles, there’s always a way to capture only the most flattering parts of your family and discover comfortable family photo poses for them.

Keep these things in mind before you jump too fast and book a studio session for your family portrait.

Think about the different ways you can have a special family photo taken, then book the shoot!


Family Photography Ideas: #16

(Convey Emotion)

Whether your family fights, debates, hugs or kisses, capturing that emotion can evoke the essence of the moment.

…because at the end of the day, you love each other, right?

Creating many different family portraits to have stories to tell your kids when they grow up, or proudly share with family and friends who visit, is just a way to add to your family’s prized treasures.

Every instance your family is together, can turn into ideas for a great photo you can take, in that very moment.


Family Portrait: Idea #17

(Dinner Time)

Some of the most awkward photos I’ve taken, are group photos, around a big table.

They’re awkward because most people don’t know that my lens can fit everyone in the photo WITHOUT them having to scrunch in.

Even when you announce it to the group, it’s either not understood or it’s too loud for them to hear what you’re saying anyway, so they still lean in.

A family picture or two of everyone eating, can spark the conversation that took place that night, when your family sees the final photos.

Of course, you’ll want to get the group photo of everyone looking at the camera, but the random ones really help to remember¬†the mood of the evening.

family pictures

Family Photos: Idea #18

(Try Different Perspectives)

Remember never seeing the face of ¬†Charlie Brown’s teacher?

Or realizing the perspective children see adults, when all you saw on the muppet babies, was the legs of their teacher lol!

Taking family pictures from different perspectives is a great way to take a picture that’s interesting to look at.

Try standing on top of things, or kneeling low to see what it looks like from a different point of view.

From pajamas and seasonal family portrait clothing ideas to confetti or snow (fake or real)…

All of these elements can add to the expression and setting of your family portrait.


Family Pics Ideas: #19

(Get Away From The Daily View)

Go on a trip and take your family photos during your time together.

Getting away is always a great excuse to take pictures and selfies!

You get exposed to scenery other than what you’ve been looking at every day.

Why not schedule your family pictures while you’re away or while you’re trying something new? Like:

  1. Going on a hot air balloon
  2. Scuba diving
  3. Fishing


Creative Family Photo Ideas #20

(Hobies and Interests)

Do you have a talented family or take on interesting hobbies?

There’s nothing more natural than a person having their pictures taken while passing the time with their favorite pastime.

Even if the entire family doesn’t have a hobby, you can find a creative way of making it a collaboration.


Being in the dance room while watching your daughter have ballet practice.

Or even pretending that YOU’RE the instructor!

You could act as if you’re the #1 fans of your musically inclined children.

Or act as if you’re a part of their band!

There are no rules. If you can envision it, you can make it reality.



Family Pictures are an enjoyable topic, because you can use all the fun aspects of photography and find a unique way to involve your family.

Creative Family Portrait Ideas: #21

(Television Shows)

Some of the most famous family pictures I’ve grown to love are the celebrity portrait photography we all see for popular American television shows.


They’re creative, fun family photos that show the personality of each family member.

I’ve used these celebrity family pictures, as example ideas, when friends and family hire me to take their family photos.

Ideas are always around us. Look through fashion magazines, walk through a furniture store and watch commercials and movies.

Once your mind is in “family portrait mode”, everything you see around you will help you come up with ideas, on the fly.

Right them down and consider executing when the time permits!

Make it fun, get prints and blow them up to hang on your walls.

You’ll start a collection of artistic, one of a kind family pictures, that all have a unique story to tell.


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